Eskimo Kisses Forever: the Travelogues Vol. II

by Ian Taylor



released July 29, 2017

Cast (in order of appearance):

Ian Taylor: piano, guitar, drums, bass, banjo, synthesizer, pump organ,
Cation Davis: drums on Alabama Moon
Sesha Marie: vocals, violin on Turns, South Chicago Breakdown, and Somewhere in Eugene
Lauren Rivè: vocals on Old Cars, guitar on Nashville at 5pm,
Jody: himself
Cortney McCoy: vocals on Halo of Sage
Cecilie: vocals on Halo of Sage
Ashley Mays: vocals on Halo of Sage
All other musical arrangements made by Ian Taylor
All songs written by Ian Taylor except for Old Cars co-written with Lauren Rivè
Beloved photo by Ashley Mays.

Alabama Moon recorded in As Vultures Circle's studio space in Mobile, AL. Chinese New Year was recorded in nashville by Tony Smith and which I later mixed down with the extra tracks added. Japanese Hat was recorded on Aspens porch as well as Hyrdrocodone Haze. Thanks to Jody for sharing with me on This is What Jody would've changed, recorded at Charlie Bob's in Nashville. Gettin' Evicted was recorded in a studio space in Clarksville, Halo of Sage was recorded in my old Volvo Station Wagon with additional harmonies added at the Amityville Records studio space, Heavy Swallow Children was recorded at Belmont School of Music in Nashville. Old Cars was recorded in a Volstate Community college practice room, as well as So Long. Was a Gentleman recorded at Angels old house. The intro to Mistress Planet was recorded with a pump organ in a front yard, all additional harmonies, decisions, and arrangements done by Ian Taylor in new york city.
The rest is history.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Ivy
hey there Ivy let's go dancin'
I know a spot up the hill
you've got some shit that your neighbor sold ya
I've got the blues at will

I've been trying to reevaluate
all these unsolved mysteries and mistakes
Track Name: Alabama Moon
I stood on the beach head
but took it for granted, cause you weren't there with me.
A call or text, man
would've been fine, man
but don't leave me lonely like the sea

Or is it your mother,
still wary of me?
I just wanted to go to the beach.
or is it your dreamer,
too far from reach?

I drift through the hours
Sweet friends turn sour
'neath the Alabama moon
If it's the turning of age, yea?
if we're all adults here,
then why the hell are we so confused?

I sense a danger
when I peer in your eyes
I thought you were my alibi
and it spreads like a cancer,
this sad aching inside.
Track Name: Chamber Maid/Humble Chariot Rider
my chamber maid
won't you sit a spell with me
if you're the actress i'm the stage beneath your feet
humble chariot rider
let's have some fun
yellow raincoat driver
drive us in the sun
an' boast the coast of some strange east land
dance with your Lady Liberty in heavy boots and khaki pants
my chamber maid
won't you sit a spell with me

my chamber maid
won't you sit a spell with me
if you're the actress i'm the stage beneath your feet
the red-headed pirate with his third eye patch
his phone zen circling around my head
takes my picture like he's looking for artifacts
Track Name: Turns
I kissed her well
after you left town
it was new years day
i was coughing it out
tell me your lies
you want me around

and if i felt bad
it was just for myself
if i made you sad
sister, that's your fault
don't look back
everything turns
Track Name: Mistress Planet
you sleep in my bed
and you taste like menthol cigarettes
i'm caught in your web
while my lover believes in the government

you sleep in my bed
and you taste like menthol cigarettes
i'm caught in your web
and my lover believes in the government
she's out of her head
and one of these days we might wake up dead.

i just wanna be kind,
while my mistress planet resolves around the sun.
i just wanna be kind,
but you're always howlin' when i'm feeding you right.
i just wanna be nice
with my mistress planet revolving around the sun.
i just wanna be kind
but you're always howlin' when i'm feeding you right
take my gut, take my gut, tonight.
Track Name: Tailored
lover, across the water
it's been a while
i've been thinking about you since i touched land.
i'm tailored in my despair,
it fits just right
i can wear it anywhere and it looks alright.
Track Name: Friday & Saturday Night
So what if I'm haunted
So what if I prefer to be
gettin' by jaded
so it's all much more interesting to me

i hate to say it
but it needs to be said
we're much too comfortable with the drugs in my head
but hey it's cool man it's all alright
'cause coming friday & saturday night
all the people will be filling their guts
drinking to the night, drinking to themselves
guess we all get by one second at a time.
Track Name: Just Like You, Grey and Blue
it's a little bit funny
how humans work
i'm just like you
all my faults too, grey and blue
just like you.
it's a little bit frightening
how much you're in
i've been alone by no choice but my own
right or wrong
my own.
Track Name: Come Down
Oh, goodness, Miss
you've caught the rolling stone!
in the palm of your hand!
you let the waters know you know you're not in command.
Oh, it's swell whenever you're around
but oh Hell, I've got to come down.
Track Name: Chinese New Year
Don't be a bull, man
in a chine shop
ungrateful for what you've got.
Don't be a fool, kid
I've been one before
it left me feeling sore.

so let's protest
our limits
it's the chinese new year
let's celebrate
let's bake a cake
we'll have secret weddings from now on.

Put on your dress, gal
get nice and drunk for the day
the priestess is on her way.
But if there's a change, doll
in the way your heart strings reach,
we could ditch it all for the beach.

So let's celebrate
our differences
it's the chinese new year
let's compensate
let's rehabilitate
we'll have clean love from now on.

oh my god, i feel out of reach.
Track Name: Nashville at 5pm
I kind of mind where you've been
you come up shy like a kid
and I don't like Nashville at 5pm
'cause I'm afraid, but don't take it the wrong way
you know
I've been tired.

We can hang out to dry on the cellular waves
wet from the spit that people spray
and I don't like Nashville at 5pm
'cause I'm afraid, but don't take it the wrong way
you know
I've been tired.
Track Name: Over Washington/Joni Mitchell Love
there's a cool breeze over Washington
and all the bookstands have blown away
there's a girl on the coastline she gives me Joni Mitchell love
an' it's better than the blues
the acid and booze
the walking shoes for too long.
Track Name: Japanese Hat/Yellow Basement
I'm wearing a Japanese hat
sittin' Indian legged on a red carpet
strange in a yellow basement
my phone died I missed your call
it's storming outside
hospital bracelets on wrists
rocking chairs to catch my fits
I'm wearing a japanese hat
sitting Indian legged on a red carpet
strange in a yellow basement
my phone died i missed your call
it's storming outside.
Track Name: Angela
Angela, you're allowed to leave anytime you'd like
I know this place has got you thin, all your thoughts are caving in.
but angie sometiemes, i feel like you
you don't have to die
but you can if you want to.
Track Name: the Animals
Kahlo dog
Oshie's gettin' fat
Kahlo dog
Merlot Cat

Jetta, where's your herd?
Hendrix has got a bone to pick
Almost forgot my words
Don't forget the fish

Kahlo dog
Oshie's gettin' fat
Kahlo dog
Merlot cat
Track Name: Bark
Let em all bark
my days are numbered
i went too far
pass the signs that say do not wander.
Track Name: Friends
you give your friends so much love,
it blows my mind.

"I drink it black"
I stumble the words the sort of flat
when the waiter asks.
such a handsome lad,
hope he don't take it too bad.

like an ant in a trap i'm caught between the moon and gravity.
Track Name: Gettin' Evicted
Gettin' evicted
feeling shifted
funny way to be a sister.
there's no room with this carriage
enjoy your loop pedal marriage
and all your little bags of bones.

have I grown too old,
in all this growing up?
have I grown too bold,
or not bold enough?
Track Name: Halo of Sage (Volvo Christ version)
All I wanna do
is honey, talk to you.
but i said a prayer it went something like this
oh my god, please make this quick.
my father's a whore
but who's keeping score
i've got the blues
without you.
eating your mom's pot
when she's not around
and i've got a halo of sage around my head.
what if we were birds
and the clouds were trees?
and you've got a halo of stars around your head.
Don't look now
but I think they drugged my coffee.
No need to shout
'cause everything's cool, babe.
Track Name: Heightened Senses Airport Blues
Showing up to the airport
high on LSD
I've got you if you've got me
that's alright we can ride for free tonight.
Track Name: Darling
Darlin' woke up in a funk
now she's smoking that unfiltered junk
Kahlo the dog starts to hack
Darlin's all dressed in black.

Darlin' woke up feeling sad
Darlin's uterus is mad
Kahlo the dog starts to hack
Darlin's throat is feeling bad.
Track Name: Heavy Swallow Children
Heavy swallow children
in love.
heavy swallow children
in love.
lover's skin like porcelain
in the moonlight where we were.
now my head is filling fast
with these thoughts that never last
and my head's always filling up too fast
with these ideas
they never last.
Track Name: Old Cars
if you're getting tired of being yourself
just look in the mirror and call it something else
when traffic gets too bad
and your heart gets too hot
leave your car on the freeway
leave it there to rot.
you can't drive away from those things that you feel
you can't run late without any wheels
so when i see an old car, man, i'd really like to buy it
but only with the hopes that i won't have to drive it.

oo, don't it seem that way to you?
'cause gee, it's really seeming that way to me
oh the time it takes
to realize your life's at stake
slow goes the hours i waste
praying for some other face.
Track Name: Hydrocodone Haze
it's sort of strange how it played out
you'd seem to follow me around

by now it's completely necessary
to be in a hydrocodone haze

it's sort of strange how it played out
i seem to follow you around

by now it's completely necessary
to be in a hydrocodone haze
Track Name: Ship
One evening I woke upon my ship
I saw the waves crash and the boat began to tip
I yelled for the boys, we're all gonna sink
the boys they just laughed and continued to drink
me, i had a date, a few ports west
i was supposed to meet the girl i love best
but now what'll i do with my ship going down?
i'll swim to that boardwalk even if i drown.
Track Name: Missing Steps
watcher of his kingdom
watching them all
watch out Mr. Watcher
don't you fall
the wall you've climbed is much too high.

watch out for the mistress
with a loaded gun
watch out for her man
who's the sinking sun
long time no see
are you here to see me?

prone to feeling strange
and missing steps
prone to feeling like i'm out of breath
i liked to live
it cost me my life.
Track Name: Honey
honey when i go to bed,
will you still be there
when i get home?
honey will you kiss my head?
i feel far away
and don't ask me where i strayed

'cause it always gets hard when you're on the run
trying to figure out what you're running from
always looking behind ya
what are you worried about?
are you one of those my dear friend painter told me about?
Track Name: Innocent
sweet Chicago mama
let me follow you down
i can see right through you
with your fabric so thin
your eyes are nice and split
you shoot up like it's innocent
sweet Chicago slims
do you have room for one more?
Track Name: Not Sure
I live in a town
where the drunkards drown
their honesty in their drink
and the sailors on leave
pay me to sing
as they walk a few blocks to the liquor store
but i'm not sure
who it is i'm singing for
as i try to endure
jealousy's selfish whore
and she's not sure
who it is she's working for
on this lonely port
watch the ships sail away.
Track Name: Hiding
One of these days
you won't have to hide anymore
but as for today,
they're coming so get behind the door
you wanna live dangerous?
i can take you there
a couple of strange hypnotists
run their fingers through my hair.
one of these weeks
i shall be released
but as for the weak
i'm still among them
you wanna live dangerous?
i can take you there
a couple of strange hypnotists
run their fingers through my hair.
Track Name: So Long
Runaround Sally makin' jokes
everybody laughs when they hear her croak
Thumbnail Hudson by the riverbank
everybody asks him what he thinks

i had a dream we drove to Boston
you kissed my cheek
an' told me you were exhausted
oh, so long
i will see you around

Saxophone Joe keeps the microphone
I was living low on the Afterglow
you came by just to let me know
you couldn't do what you wanted to.

but I had a dream
that we drove to Boston
you kissed my cheek
and told me you were exhausted
oh, so long
i will see you around.
Track Name: Was a Gentleman, You Were All in Black
you were standing there
with your fiddle in your hand
i was a gentleman
you were all in black
so I hid away
in your mother's place
while my friend went insane
a burden that i weighed
Track Name: Somewhere in Eugene (dust road version)
i'm wearing bluejeans
somewhere in Eugene
siting on the city steps
smoking a cigarette
i woke up in california
sitting by the water shore
still wondering about the score
up on confusion hill
all the hippie's live there still
dreamin' about license plates
making a big escape
just a few steps west
you'd be in a white dress
with a halo of sage around your head

there must be guests in Eden
'cause all the rooms are full
California must be dreaming
'cause I feel like Santa Cruz

Hattie Tom and the Chicken Witch
were trying to figure how to make it rich
with Maybelline and her bad hat
sweet Tallulah and troubled Max
they were lost somewhere down the road
I was busy dreaming of Chicago
the gypsy in the mansion home
the lighthouse on the west coast

but i'm not quite satisfied yet
with all these aloof sights
i've found up in my head