Mary Celeste: A Collection of Covers and Lost Stuff

by Ian Taylor

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This record is dedicated to
My beautiful mother, my piece of shit dad, Cation Davis, Jordin Hogue, Cation Davis’ and Jordin Hogue’s beautiful parents and families, Megan Raygun Dillard, Maggie Taylor, Eric and Angel Johnson and their beautiful daughters, Lyle and Evelyn Cook, Joe Caverlee, Bo Risling, Kyndal Hogue, Hayden Cranford, Travis Keyser, Tesse Godwin, Ashton Spokes, Sara Kuykendall, the wonderfully talented and incredible Krista Jeannette Williamson and Shaina Elaine Hester, Charlie Millson, Noel Malphoi, Nick Johnson, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe, Stanley Kubrick, Jacob and Breanna Bowman, Faith Koppersmith, Conor Oberst, Morrisey, Judas Iscariot, the drunk guy named Kenny who lived a few doors down from me in Parkway North, Keaton Henson, Elliott Smith, Bob Dylan, Carly Foster, Kurt Cobain, Fox Academy, the Beatles, Daniel Johnston, Ms. Peacock my teacher from the first grade that I haven’t seen since the first grade, the color purple, the color black, the beauty in gothic writing, the beauty in Cation Davis’ gothic writing, Vincent Van Gogh, my heater for keeping me warm, each person driving by my house in their cars as I was recording, Allen Ginsberg, Gus Van Sant, Elvis Presley, Elvis Costello, Jeff Buckely, Jack White, chocolate milk, sushi, Nikola Tesla, the snowy static on old televisions, Nikki Ballew, Lorde, the soul sucking leeches who tried to cut my hair and criticize my strict diet of radio wires and sleep when I lived in Georgia, the ocean, Ms. Smith, Lorde’s mother, all the lo-fi bands who keep it cool, Dylan Thomas, the girl at school who pointed at me and said “Get your ass in here and eat!” for that was beautiful, Whoever invented coffee cups, Dave Grohl, Mr. Chapman, Ms. Barnes, Michael, the sound of breaking glass, Jackson Scott, Jesse Malin, Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Catcher in the Rye, the moon, the sun only on cloudy days, Andrew and Britney Davis, Donovan, Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, Banks Clayton, Johnny Thunders, Jennifer Lawrence, Novella Papp, M. Ward, Walter White, My old neighbor who let me use his amp a couple of times, my nightmares, Mr. Sunshine X, the Indian ghost woman who met me at the window, all of those whose names have seemed to slip my mind,
and Ian Booker.


released March 25, 2015

All non-covers written by Ian Taylor except for Working In A Bookstore (Co-written with Jordin Hogue)
Vocals on Amy in the White Coat: Krista Jeannette Williamson
Cover by Megan Raygun Dillard.



all rights reserved
Track Name: King of Modern Day Child Abuse
Daddy's mind is broke
mommy's on the floor
my eyes are closed
dreaming of something more.
Strong hands they grip
around my chamber of breath
these bruises they fit
so fucking perfect.

We're a happy family
me, mommy, and daddy.

Repetition and hate
so small at my masters feet
day after day
it's got me feeling so weak.
I'm not good enough to even be used
I guess you can call me now
the King of Modern Day Child Abuse.

we're a happy family
me, mommy, and daddy.
Track Name: An Unfinished Country Song
I'm stranded out in this ghost town
with no way to get home.
I spent my cab fare on drumsticks cause I
broke the last one I owned
playing all that loud music
disturbing neighbors who just wanna sleep but
nothing really matters much to me.

I walk these streets and I hang my head
I don't look anyone in the eye.
I gotta feeling that they all may look dead
and I'm not easily surprised.
Here they come now fast approaching
a crowd of vampires looking hungry
for some new blood to call their own.
Track Name: Too Bad
How do you tell a girl you wanna talk to her without idle words?
I highly believe I'll die when I'm 33, yeah.
How do you tell a girl you wanna talk to her about Elliott Smith?
I highly conceived this thought while drowning, yeah.

and I know I'm hard to define
but if you just look in my eyes
you'll find.
I watched you from far away
if I'm a stranger I'll stay this way.

How do you tell a girl you can sense how sad she is inside?
I want to believe you'll lie right here with me, yeah.
How do you tell a girl you've hated yourself for the past ten years?
I'd like to believe my pain is just as fleeting as you my love.

I seem to make myself sad
and I always feel this bad
too bad.
Track Name: A Song About Lorde
My lover is famous
she's working with Kanye West.
My lover is famous
and she doesn't know I exist.
and that makes me really sad.
Track Name: Another Unfinished Country Song
I have been tired my whole life.
I have been tired my whole life.
and you're the only one who makes me feel alright.

I keep on talking to the walls once again.
they keep on listening like they're my best friends.
and hell by now I guess they probably is.

I keep on listening to Sgt. Peppers.
It keeps on spinning like it was made to be my record.
So I guess I was meant to be the owner.

and it seems so funny to me that each time I'm in the passenger seat of some young lady's car, I somehow end up pinky promising her the world.