by Ian Taylor



recorded at the neutral milk hotel


released October 21, 2015

all songs written by ian taylor except Do You Wanna Play God?
thanks to bo for her bodacious face on the cover
thanks to everyone else too



all rights reserved
Track Name: Bye
my favorite part of the day is when molly takes me home
i took one too many the other week and i never woke up

now i'm stuck inside this dream
but nothing's appealing
now i'm stuck inside this scheme
of synthetic healing

sang a song beneath my breath and i missed you a lot
here with the breathing dead, so fucking lost

and i don't belong here
Track Name: Emily
emily you look so pretty in fish eyed lens
emily sing me something

cause i loved you first

emily sing me something
before they lower me in my coffin
emily flip that record
emily you look like heaven

i loved you first
Track Name: Windowless Room
the ambulance ride was like a dream
rainy night, O.D. at sixteen
i just wanna go home

eat my salad with a spoon
watching seinfeld on the tube
the nurse stuck me in the arm
the nurse came and stuck me in the arm

falling out in the hospital bed
confusing sleep, i thought i was dead
and i just wanna go home

watching the sky from a windowless room
feeling high and sorry too
i just wanna go home
Track Name: Look After Me
outside the movie hall on west avenue
it's the loneliest sound of the pavement on her shoes
as she walks away, away from you
and you stare at the ground and you feel so blue

where do you go?
while you play it so cool
what do you know?
that makes you so sure

outside the club that night, kid your shoes untied
and it takes one to know one i think you better go home
but you put up a fight you say you know your rights
but you look young and flushed does your mother know

where do you go?
while you play it so cool
what do you know?
that makes you so sure

baby it's getting late
and we both fall asleep
as sara reads off the page
from her favorite book of poetry

in my dream last night you were so sweet
a hospital angel you looked after me
Track Name: Boy in a Mess
cars parked in the sun
lights out no one
boy in a mess
girl in a dress

who's saving who?

drink to forget
or get upset
full of cheap wine
hey man, what's the time?

who's fooling who?
kid, i love u

out on the steps
a shared cigarette
can you feel the drag?
of all you've had

who's saving who?
Track Name: Alley Cat
the king with no crown on the basketball court
the ladies in gowns they crawl on all fours
i just wanna die when i'm with you
baby never cries when the sky is blue

the sky turned black and showed me who i was
an alley cat stuck beneath the bus
i got high on a nashville street
never learned to cry when baby left me
Track Name: Cape
kid in the cape
walking a dog
gypsy mother
in the morning fog
don't know how to tell you

that's a nasty scar
on the pavement
rain falls hard
i just wanna feel you

i saw your face
on your boyfriend's wall
felt so ugly
and you never call

kid in the cape
walking a dog
gypsy mother
in the morning fog
don't know how to tell you
Track Name: Widow
let me feel you widow
and i will help you bleed
show you all i've been through
and i will help you see
Track Name: Witch
you show up in your fathers car
trying to show just what you are
no pain no gain that stuff comes off
kid i know you think you're tough

a nervous swirl in a sea of girls
drunk on a smell from another world
memories they come so fast
everything's blue right before it's black

i met a witch this time last year
in her brothers clothes i hid in fear
the old man had lost his mind
with a simple spell she kindly took mine
Track Name: Julie
julie walks out in the lights
with cigarettes she hand rolled
lipstick on its such a sight
i never thought, if truth be told
that you'd be lonely like me

walking backwards in a tattered cape
it's always the same mistake
feeling dumb and looking pale
and chewing on your fingernails
someone oughta put you in your place