Talking To My Younger Self EP

by Ian Taylor



I started out making this with a completely different set of songs, it was originally supposed to be songs I've written a few years ago that I never finished and threw away. I rewrote or added new melodies and lyrics to the older songs and worked on them until realized I didn't like it at all. So I decided on putting it out under the same 'Talking To My Younger Self' name but with a new set of songs. I wanted it to be a very straightforward and honest record.


released November 25, 2014

All songs written by Ian Taylor except My New Freedom (Elliott Smith), and Cherry Wine (Hozier).



all rights reserved
Track Name: Footsteps Like Heartbeats
Mother she broke my heart and now I'm getting dizzy.
Mother will it always hurt? Do you think she might miss me?
Should I go looking for something that isn't there?
Mother this isn't fair. Mother this isn't fair.
I only took a little bit, just enough to get me by.
Mother I know that wasn't right. Mother I know it isn't right.

Father my body is aching and my eyes are getting heavy.
Father my heart is weary, but I know that you aren't listening.
And my world is spinning in circles way too fast.
Father you're an ass. Father you're an ass.
When the day turns black I sink into my knees.
Father you're a coward like me. Father you're a coward like me.

I broke the silence with a breath
footsteps like heartbeats down the hall.
Crooked mirrors to reflect
nothing is important at all.
Nothing is important at all.
I only took a little bit just to get me by.
Mother I know that wasn't right.
Mother I know it isn't right.
Mother I know it isn't right.
Track Name: Awake For Days
You don't want me unless you're high.
You don't need me until you're crying about some guy
who screwed you over the millionth time
and like the fool I am, I try to fix you the best I can
until you don't need me again.

All that's left is some cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey
some awful regrets and the height I'm standing ain't enough to kill me
so maybe I should climb higher, dear.
Cause I've been awake for days.

So lose all fear and wait for the night to begin.
Cause we're all dead here, just trapped in living skin.
And this photograph's starting to mean nothing.
There's Rolling Stone magazines scattered on my floor
guess I'm trying to put together something more.

I'm trying to forget my name.
I'm throwing rocks at trains in the Christmas rain.
And I guess nothing's changed.

Sweetheart you're an ancient memory of rope burned fate.
Diary entries filled with an endless rage.
And words fall off an ageless page.
And I've been awake for days.
I've been awake for days.
Track Name: I Miss You Love
I'm sorry I'm so weird
I'll try to be real clear
I'm just really scared
I'm just really nervous
I can't make a phone call
without feeling like I'm hurting
on the insides, like I've been stuck with a knife.
But it's not just that of which I have a problem
It's most contact in general
And I know that's not really normal
I'm guessing it's probably overwhelming
But I know there's others who feel the same
I'll get over this one day
but until then my sweet friend
would you please hold my hand?

Cause I can't say that I miss you without a shaking in my voice
I can't sing your name in perfect key without choking up too much
Cause I miss you, love.