Beach Bummer

by Ian Taylor



"During the making of the Beach Bummer EP i wandered around a lot and forgot to come back, the songs are especially removed in the most personal and vulnerable way. Written in parking lots after shows, on couches belonging to mistresses, and different states of the country with mild obsessions and daydreams of Brian Wilson and living in L.A."


released August 11, 2016

all tracks done by ian taylor
Lots of thanks to Cortney McCoy for singing on this record. thanks to sarah vardy for letting me use her studio space, and great thanks to skyler grace for the photo.w



all rights reserved
Track Name: Someone I Could Do Drugs With
please speak up
my ears don't work the way they did when i was younger
i've been to too many rock n roll shows
and sleeping out in the cold

and she looks like someone i could do drugs with
her breath reminds me that she's human
i wanna feel her tattoos on my skin

i talk like there's something that i could really say
you walk as if there's some place you could really
walk away too

and i don't wanna be your lover
take me through your endless summer
and drop me off back where i roam
Track Name: Fuck I Think
if you like me
let me know

cause the weight of my boots will give me away
so i wait for a bus or a car or a train
to take me away

so if you like me
let me know

cause i'm not very good at things like this
but fuck i think you're alright, kid.

and if you like me
let me know
Track Name: Mansion Row
she invites me to her home
don't blame me now
"you can stay with me at my house"
take me out and fuck me up
as long as you are there
i don't mind and i don't care

and i watched you struggling to put your sneakers on
you smile at me when he turns around
she saved me from that wretched mansion row

she cooks to fill my gut
when i'm down and out
"take your fingers from your mouth"
she makes her noose from candy string
and my heart is weak
you can hide with me in my dreams

and i watched you struggling to keep your feelings down
sweet mistress lover heavy is your crown
when i awoke i felt your spirit alive in my bones
Track Name: Waltz
i picked a flower and i watched her die
and i laugh and smirk while i ruin lives

and you call me things that i won't repeat
and you laugh in my face when you ask me to leave
so i call my sister and her girlfriend
and they pick me up and take me in

now you're getting me high
and you're kicking me out
but there's an angel who smiles
and says "it's not your fault"

so i make an attempt to walk away
but the numbers were dialed and the cops they came
so i ask my mother for some money to spend
cause i wanna find another solution to this
just something sweet
Track Name: Sydney's Cat
i've gotta listen to your boyfriend blab
and i'm sitting on the couch with sydney's cat
and i don't know where she went
but these drugs are kicking in
and i'm feeling scared and feeling alone
i wish she was mine and i could take her home
but goddamn she's his
what did i do to deserve this

and you talk a lot about suicide
you say you know it's wrong but it feels so right
and the only trouble with this
is that my plans aren't much different from yours

so if my heart were to break
I'd say sorry my mistake
and i'd clean up my act
if you'd stand by my side
but you don't want that and you don't want me
won't you take it easy this is new to me
Track Name: Julie Makes Coffee in the Morning
Julie makes coffee in the morning
after a night of booze
and my gut's on fire in the evening
julie, what are we gonna do?

julie makes coffee in the morning
when i'm feeling hungover as hell
and i'd lie to my woman just to keep you
cause julie you treat me so well

and you ask me my poison and i answer so kind
but i don't want no trouble so please be nice
please be nice